Nursery and school from 6 months to 11 years

The team of Saint Ange school

A whole team at the disposal of children and parents

School and nursery management

Frédéric Lefèvre


Very early on I was passionate about electronics and with friends I created several pirate FM radios, including Radio EVA, which was approved in 1983.
I also participated in the creation of the National Federation of Free Radios and the Private Radios Union.
Later, the Hit FM group, composed of UGC (films and cinemas) and RSCG (advertising), entrusted me with the management of one of their profit centers.
Then, the Hersant Group called me as assistant to the technical director of the Fun Radio network (150 stations).
In July 92, I moved to Vietnam and created in 1995 with Luu Thi Bach Lan (my wife) the company EMT (Euro Mekong Traders) Sourcing and Export company.
In 2009, following the relocation of the Colette school (Duras) and at the request of several parents of students, we decided to found the Saint Ange school, the only French school having obtained the license of international school.
Today, in addition to the general administration of the school, I am in charge of the promotion department, the technical services as well as the teaching of technologies for the students of the school.

Luu Thi Bach Lan (Married name Lefèvre)


After studying accounting, I moved to marketing at the government company Bach Khoa HCM.
In 1991, the Korean company Dong Sun (cosmetics) entrusted me with the national sales management.
In 1994, with Frédéric, my husband, we imported our first container of French cosmetic products that we sold through the advertising pages of women's magazines.
Thanks to this experience, we are contacted by French importers for their sourcing needs in Asia. We created the company EMT (Euro Mékong Traders). In 2009, we founded the French school Saint Ange for which I obtained the international school license.
Today, in addition to the administration of the school, I manage all the contacts with the various supervisory administrations, the Vietnamese staff as well as the supply and logistics of the school's canteen of some 200 daily meals.

Samuel Robez


Former Bank Manager, I arrived in Vietnam in August 2013 with my whole family, for a complete change of life. From France, we had enrolled our children in the Saint Ange school, then directed by Frederic and Lan. We quickly sympathized with each other, so when the opportunity arose, we did not hesitate, and we partnered with them to set up the first Saint Ange campus in Thao Dien in 2014.
Within the Management, I am more specifically in charge of the daily management of the school, in connection with parents and teachers. My goal is to offer families the quality of French education in an international environment.

Line Robez


Having grown up, and then worked, in the Early Childhood sector, it is with great pleasure and passion that I participated in the creation and then took over the Direction of the Nursery of Saint Ange in 2014.Our goal is to offer families a nursery that meets the standards of the French program, with a touch of the Montessori approach, all in a family environment.
Being in charge of the older children (2-3 years old), it is important for me to prepare them for their entry to school: I work closely with the Petite Section teacher all year long.

Jessica Carassus


Becoming a teacher has always been an obvious choice for me. After a degree in English and regional language, I obtained my master's degree in teaching and the school teacher exam in 2014.
Attached to my region, I chose to teach in French/Occitan bilingual schools in Toulouse for four years.
Since my childhood and my first readings, I have had a passion for Vietnam and when I came across the advertisement of the Saint-Ange school, I knew that it was an opportunity that should not be missed.
After 3 years as a CM1/CM2 teacher, I will now be in charge of all the classes since I have been given the role of pedagogical director.
I am happy to be able to coordinate the team, to propose new projects and to work in connection with the parents' association. I will put all my energy and enthusiasm in the service of the school project and the children's development!

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Pre-School & Kindergarten teachers

Linda Viaud


I was born in Romania but I lived in France for 20 years. I studied French Linguistics (Master 2 Research) and teaching French as a Foreign Language (Master 2).
Passionate about French, I first taught French as a foreign language and then I passed the entrance exam to teach literature in middle and high schools in France.
With my husband and our 3 children, we wanted to discover life in Vietnam. And here we are since July 2018!
I have been working at Saint Ange since September 2019, first as a FLE teacher and then as a PS teacher.  I had a huge crush on toddlers even though it is a real personal and professional challenge. It is exciting to see children grow through learning, to teach them to love themselves and others, to open their eyes to the world...
I am delighted to work at Saint Ange because it is a school on a human scale, which is a real gift for the children and for the team!

Claire Munier-Michel


My name is Claire, I was born in Vietnam and adopted by a loving French family. I grew up and did all my studies in France. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management and Marketing and worked for the ACCOR group before returning to my native land. It has always been the key point in my life to find my roots (biological parents). After volunteering in an orphanage in Go Vap, where I am originally from, and after travelling around the country and seeing the need for education, the choice of teaching was obvious to me.
I first taught French as a second language at the Institute for Cultural Exchange with France. I then joined Saint Ange in March 2021 and have been pursuing the demanding profession of teaching as part of the team since the new school year. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain more experience and above all to enhance the children's abilities and pass on new knowledge.

Tho Vu


High level athlete in gymnastics, I started as an educational assistant in the school where the president of my club was director. As the years went by, I was able to discover the job and made the choice to make it a professional project.
Teacher since 2004, I worked abroad since 2005 in Vietnam, as well as in the United States in a bilingual school.
In 2013, I came back to Vietnam to settle down and pursue my projects. I founded jiu-jitsu clubs in Ho Chi Minh City, Hue and Hanoi. Since 2014, I am an advisor and trainer to the federation for the structuring of jiu-jitsu in Vietnam. Since September 2015, I am a teacher in kindergarten class at Saint Ange school.

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Enseignants d'élémentaire

Audrey Valery


I graduated from my EJE program in 2018 IN France. After 7 months in a nursery, I want to discover the world while continuing to work with children. In 2019, I will engage in a civic service and fly to Vietnam. I work in 6 orphanages, participate in the daily life and propose psycho-educational activities. In October 2020, I join the Saint Ange crèche and then I took over the CP class in 2021. Joining a small structure means investing in a family environment where I can take the time to accompany families and children during the key stages of their development. I like the idea of participating in the construction of children's identity and transmitting universal values

Gaël Marbeuhan


After studying philosophy, I spent five years working as an archaeologist and then as a communication manager for the "culture and history" department of the city of Douai. I then taught in the mining area of Northern France, mainly with students aged 6 to 8. My dream of expatriation to Saigon came true thanks to the Saint-Ange school. I have been teaching the CP/CE1 class since last year.

Pierre Touron


After completing my degree in applied foreign languages in Spain, in 2009 I left my native south-west but never lost the accent. After passing the competitive examination, I arrived in Paris and stayed there for ten years as a school teacher.
Coming from a family of globetrotting teachers, working abroad was natural. It allows me to combine education and meeting foreign cultures, my two passions.
Currently in charge of the Ce1 class for a third year, I am fully fulfilled in the Saint-Ange school, focused on human values, proximity with families in an idyllic setting.

Céline Miralles


I grew up on the island of La Reunion with a mother who was an assistant teacher in an elementary school.
It was therefore obvious that I should go into education. With my school teacher's exam in my pocket, I taught for 6 years in the Paris region and then in Reunion Island. The call of experience abroad led me to spend a year in New York where I worked in a French afterschool. Unfortunately, the sanitary crisis brought me and my newly grown family back to my native island for a year.
We quickly headed for Vietnam, where three generations of my ancestors, including my paternal grandfather, lived.
The Saint Ange school represented in every way my vision of the teaching profession with the team spirit and the stimulating environment to encourage positive learning and a place of professional growth.

Axelle Gagnon


Of French-Quebec origin, I had the chance to live in different countries from a very young age: USA, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Spain or Lithuania. I obtained my university degree in archaeology in Paris. I am also a scuba diving instructor, an exciting activity that occupies my free time.  After several years, I went back to studying in order to become a school teacher, as it is a career that has always attracted me. In 2018, after passing the French competitive examination, I left to teach for 3 years in Mayotte.
But the desire for change sent me to Vietnam, a country whose culture and language have always attracted me. It is thanks to the opportunity to teach at the Saint Ange school in CM1, for my greatest delight. I love to exchange with children, to teach them everything that will allow them to build themselves as adults.

Gaëlle Bernard


Holder of the Philosophy Aggregation, I taught 6 years at the university and 11 years at the high school, before moving to Vietnam last year. After having traveled extensively in Southeast Asia, my husband and I fell in love with this country, where we decided to try expatriation, successfully thanks to the recruitment of my husband at the Saint Ange school. Looking for a career change in teaching, I did several replacements in elementary schools last year, during which I enjoyed being involved with a younger audience. I am now very happy to be able to take care of the CM2 this year, in a dynamic and human-sized school, allowing me to do everything possible for the success of the students.

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English teachers

Elaine Calibara


I moved to Vietnam at a young age, when my parents emigrated here from the Philippines in 1996. Having obtained my BA in communication, I swiftly realized that my passion in communication revolved around shared meanings multi-culturally. As a byproduct of the International school system and Vietnamese culture, my love for sharing the English language to students flourished, especially during their most pivotal years when self expression and identity is crucial. In joining the Saint Ange team this year, I hope to facilitate meaningful interactions with my students that will encourage them in their future English learning. In addition, I am beyond excited to get a deep dive into French culture.

François Babelaere


Originally from Dunkirk (France), I have family ties to Canada. It is thanks to my travels in North America that I acquired the English language very early. In 2012, during my Master's degree in Marketing, I discovered Vietnam during a 4-month internship. It was love at first sight, and once I had my master's degree, I decided to settle in Saigon in 2013. I quickly realized that import/export was not for me. I then have the opportunity to intervene at the French University Pole (in Thu Duc) as an English teacher. It was a revelation. I then worked for several years in Vietnamese public schools before finally joining Saint Ange for the start of the 2021 school year. This new experience is an opportunity for me to work in a well-organized and family-oriented French-English educational setting, and I am proud to be the new teacher for the elementary classes

Teacher FLE

Hervé Fayet


I arrived in Vietnam in September 1990 as a volunteer teacher and had the great fortune to teach for two years at the French school Colette, which later became the French Lycée Marguerite Duras. I was then in charge of a vast program to set up bilingual classes within the Vietnamese educational system, which allowed me to perfect my knowledge in methodology and coordination of pedagogical teams. I joined the Saint Ange team in September 2020 and appreciated the professionalism and organization of the school. I am looking forward to meeting up with last year's students and certainly many others to help them integrate into their new classes and feel at ease with French.

Enseignant d'activités extra-scolaires

Bruno Laurant


I come from Paris and I followed a journalism/communication training at ISCOM then worked on Radio NRJ. After various experiences in the world, I settled in Vietnam in 2011. Mixing and immersing myself in other cultures has always been a priority for me.
My experience in communication allows me to take care of the expression classes since 2018, complementing the school program, which gives students an extra space to practice their French.
My experience in journalism has also led me to launch La Gazette de Saint Ange, a newspaper that tells the story of the school's life and activities, produced as a team and in total collaboration with the students, just like a real newspaper.


Passionate about Football, player, supporter, journalist, Parisian and former PSG, I first proposed an initiation to Football for all within the Saint Ange school. We then decided, with the management, to create the Saint Ange Football Club, which quickly became a great sporting showcase for the school. With a good team spirit, passion and above all the pleasure of playing, the club has participated in many tournaments and even won several cups!
Training sessions, matches against other schools, and tournaments, have allowed us to create a solid reputation, to the great joy of the parents who are fully involved in our activity.

Saint Ange FC

The assistants

The technical team

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