Nursery and school from 6 months to 11 years


Back to School ONLINE TODAY!

This is it: start of the 2021 – 2022 Year school remotely for Saint Ange pupils and teachers!
Even by distance, everybody is happy to meet regularly to cheers their schoolmate, to learn new things and to gain confidence!

And NEW THIS YEAR : More online courses for all ages!

The Saint Ange Team has prepared more content and new online subjects and workshops to maintain what define the school’s quality curriculum!
Technology, video, speech classes, cooking workshop, sports, meditation among others will complete an already rich program of online learnings!

🚸 The timetables and connection tools are adapted for fun and optimal online learning.

From kindergarten to primary school, children will have daily interactive sessions with their teacher, mobility or sports exercises and several English lessons per week. Storytelling and workshops (choir, yoga...) will also be offered to kindergarteners, while primary school pupils will benefit from expression classes, video and technology workshops.

🙏 Kids: stay strong and brave until we can all meet at the school !
In the meantime, follow the online class rules to start well the school year. Especially the most important one: Be Respectful, listen, participate & do your best!✨

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