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Saint-Ange Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a first step of socialization outside the family, which allows the child to learn to live in a group.
  Kindergarten is composed of the small section (PS), the medium section (MS) and the large section (GS)

Educational project

The kindergarten pedagogical project of École Saint Ange comes from the directives of the French Ministry of National Education, enriched by an early initiation into English.
  Kindergarten allows you to observe the physical, social and cultural development of your child

As such, the priority of Saint Ange School's educational program is to provide your child with a good command of his body and French language, as well as a knowledge of English, in order to prepare him effectively for the first time. entry into CP class


The kindergarten program is organized around 6 axes

  • To appropriate the language: to exchange, to express oneself, to understand and to progress towards the control of the French language
  • Discover the written word: become familiar with the written word, prepare to learn to read and write
  • Becoming a student: learning to live together, to cooperate and to become autonomous
  • Act and express yourself with your body: practice rules games, free or guided physical activities, artistic expression activities
  • To discover the world: objects, matter, living things, shapes and sizes, quantities and numbers; to find your bearings in time and space
  • Perceive, feel, imagine, create: first artistic awareness through drawing, plastic compositions, voice and listening

Time schedules

Here are the course schedules for the 2023-2024 School Year.

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