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Success Story: a passion that leads to a brilliant future!

Ian was a very good student at Saint Ange. At school, he quickly discovered a passion for technology and persisted in this field.

This allowed him to be admitted very easily to the IUT (University Technological Institute) of Toulouse in Aerospace Techniques. We see him in the centre, sitting in front of an Epsilon aircraft of the university. He was able to collaborate with the Toulouse University Space Centre on a gyroscope project for NASA!
Well done Ian and keep up the good work!

150 technology subjects

Nearly 500 technology lessons have been given over the past 12 years at Saint Ange! The children of the school have been able to discover and explore more than 150 different technological subjects from around the world.

At Saint Ange, the development of each child is a priority.

In the caring and family-like environment of the school, the teaching staff, consisting of teachers and assistants, can devote time to getting to know each child so that he or she can find his or her own way and develop his or her own abilities and strengths.

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