Nursery and school from 6 months to 11 years


Up to 50% off tuition fees to help parents

So it will be an online start to the new school year from Monday 6 September. The teachers and the whole team have prepared this important step so that the children, but also the parents, start this school year in a serene and positive way!

Saint Ange School supportive with families during lockdown

In this economically difficult period for everyone in Ho Chi Minh City, Saint Ange International School has once again decided to support families as much as possible in the interest of the children.

During the entire period of school closure and distance learning, the school offers:

  • 50% discount on tuition fees for kindergarten students
  • 30% discount for primary school pupils


Choose an international school rather than tutoring

Even if it's remotely, following the school's international curriculum allows children to keep a learning pace, maintain social links with their peers and teachers, channel their energy and continue to practice their French.

The whole team hopes of course that the situation returns to normal and that everyone returns to school as soon as possible

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